11 Examples of Gardens That Will Let You Open Your Mouth

11 Examples of Gardens That Will Let You Open Your Mouth

Spending the free time or some moments of everyday life in the open air is even more beautiful when waiting and welcoming us is a well-groomed and furnished garden. Coming to meet with its many resources to achieve this is once again the design, and in particular landscape design, which seems to have no secrets for the next 11 outdoor projects. Today, therefore, we pass through gardens of every style and concept to draw inspiration and let us cradle among green meadows, plants, comfortable furnishings and why not, dream pools.

Simply fabulous

To dream of big can, above all here to. That’s why we go to our show with a fabulous project a garden devoted to the minimalism that can enchant the true sense of the word for balance between nature and furnishings, between stone and grass, between landscape and architecture, colors and lights.


Among succulent plants, stone paths and warm colors of contrasting earth with the optic lime white with which the house is lined, this garden can only steal the scene for its enveloping Mediterranean character.


Here is a delightful English garden dominated by perfectly symmetrical flowerbeds, fountains and a set of wrought iron furnishings painted for a truly classy finish!

Between green and stone

The stone facade of the farmhouse in the background, well maintained grass, hammock trees and a small core of outdoor chairs make the garden a real corner of paradise where you want to spend your free time.


Dedicated to classic style lovers, this garden focuses on the impeccable care of plants and shrubs, which surround the outdoor outdoor pool with grace and extreme elegance.


There is nothing really missing in the next scandi-chic garden a small turf, a stone-faced pool with views, green vertical walls, relaxed corners made of linear wooden furnishings, summer-styled design accessories with comfortable furniture.

Home or lake garden

Unable to find just one point in this beautiful natural garden! From the pool to uneven edges to the deck chair, from stone flooring to large tiled flowers and to the green that sanctifies its borders, it seems to be in a typically flat environment, albeit outside the house.


We now enter into a garden with a grassy cloak detailed in detail, with a coherent and modern look, introducing inside it with stoneware tiles, a pool area with seating and everything you need to ensure that those who enjoy it Maximum comfort.

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