20 Small Drawers And Cabinets Ideal for Small Spaces

20 Small Drawers And Cabinets Ideal for Small Spaces

Having a space in which to clothe clean clothes is undoubtedly beautiful it promotes good humor and good vibrations. The clothes must be well guarded; Everything has its place inside drawers, shelves and compartments for shoes … but sometimes it does not have enough space. What to do

In this book of ideas we show some interesting examples of cabinets, drawers and small wardrobe cabinets to be inspired to optimize space in a small bedroom. Design, simplicity, modernity and style are just some of the features of the projects we propose; you are ready Street!

The wardrobe

This sober cabinet cabinet and at the same time a vanity little has nothing to say to it. The rest is pure good taste, shelves with wicker baskets and exposed hangers suitable for many cases for every type of garment.

The closet

A winning choice for any type of space is that of the closet. Assuming it as a design assumption, the latter helps to develop the entire bedroom and to think of a well-defined distribution. A little tip always try to take advantage of the space at the top when the environment is small.

The multifunctional wardrobe

In case you need to decorate your studio remember that sometimes a standard closet could make it look like a bedroom. A multifunctional cabinet with a discreet design and possibly identical to the color of the wall will help to get a better fit.


Let’s look in the picture on a rather masculine, sober, dark-tone decoration, this is a real ideal for meticulous and meticulous people. This kind of system optimizes space by making the most of it.

The masonry locker room

The idea of ??joining in a single room the sleeping area and the closet is fairly common; In this case just turn the corner to find yourself in a locker room!

Wardrobes in residual spaces

The enclosed small cabinets fit into any small corner available the small compartment next to the bathroom entrance, the under-staircase in the corridor between the rooms. They are definitely smart and very useful solutions that allow you to organize your own things and always know where to find them.

Minimum solution

Today, the lack of square meters is a topic on the agenda. Especially in large urban centers, where managers and practitioners live. We show you a practical way to optimize the little space you have without giving up flexibility and order.

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