November 2017

Demand Legality, Thousands of Online Driver Kepung Gedung Sate

Thousands of drivers (drivers) online transport staged a peaceful action in front of Gedung Sate, Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung, Monday (16/10/2017). They urged the government to immediately legalize their livelihood. Field Coordinator of Online Driver’s Association One West Java Command (Teabar Post) Tezar Dwi Aryanto urged the government to immediately provide legal certainty to the existence […]

Latest Technology Press Infant Mortality Rate

Indonesia ranks fifth as the country with the highest number of premature babies in the world and preterm birth is identified as the largest contributor to infant mortality. Based on data from BPS 2016, infant mortality (IMR) reached 25 deaths per 1,000 babies born. This is the concern of various parties because the IMR becomes […]

S.Korea: The North Breaks Arms Truce at the Defectorate Shot

The South Korean military said North Korea had violated a ceasefire agreement as it opened fire on its defected troops some time ago. South Korean Defense Minister Yong Young-moo, warned Pyongyang not to repeat similar abuses. Defected North Koreans are identified by the surname Oh. He was badly injured with about six shots from his […]

Hybrid Vehicle

Because of the need for getting a vehicle in which everybody can consume less fuel and won’t lead towards the polluting of the environment, the hybrid vehicle was finally produced to satisfy this finish. And because of the rapid developments within the gasoline engine, the hybrid vehicle is becoming very popular. A hybrid vehicle is […]