Audi’s Unique Way to Promote Its Products

Audi apply a unique way to market its superior products to consumers, you are curious? see the following video.

Each car manufacturer has its own way to market its flagship product. In the era of all-digital as today, high creativity is required to be able to compete with competitors. Innovations that are presented in a vehicle, will be more easily accepted if offered in a good way and on target.

Audi A8 is a luxury sedan that has been equipped with various latest features. In terms of design, the features they offer are so sophisticated that make consumers feel comfortable in the vehicle.

Audi A8 itself includes a level 3 autonomous car that makes each trip more enjoyable. But as a passenger in the rear, consumers are not only served entertainment features in general.2017 audi r8 autoblog

Latest Audi A8 offers one of its superior features of reflexology. Customers who sit in the backseat can enjoy a massage that makes them relax during the trip. Not only the body, the Executive Sedan also provides features for foot massage.

In a commercial video made by the German manufacturer, some consumers are invited to feel the performance of the Audi A8 massage chair. Most of the potential customers feel comfortable with the car massage.

Of the six consumers chosen at random, they were seen enjoying the treat of the luxury sedan for 10 minutes. How the expression of potential customers in trying new features Audi A8, see the video below.

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