Black Pearl Leopard Gecko, a New Successful Breed of Leopard Gecko Morphs, a New Successful Breed of Leopard Gecko Morphs

If you’re searching for the most recent unique consequence of gecko breeding, The Black Pearl gecko appears to be the most suitable one. This is a really special breed emerged as a consequence of the tough work of Konrad Wlodarczyk and friends who is a major leopard gecko breeder from Poland, Europe.

Konrad started his so called Black Pearl Project silently with a couple of friends of his. The black gecko is in contrast with the albino gecko that has been among the popular geckos on sale. Breeding an entirely black gecko appears to be somewhat challenging. This is typical the trait of a legitimate breeder, who always attempt to attempt and breed new morphs. If many breeders attempt to breed albinos, why don’t you attempt and breed a black one.

Black leopard geckos are indeed the rarest morph that’s been recently developed. Regardless of his successful work, Konrad moved to Australia and handed over the rights to further develop this project to The Urban Gecko a well-known gecko breeder in Canada owned and operated by Craig and Lori Stewart.

Mainly of course, their totally black color that has never been seen and imagined by leopard gecko lovers. When many of newly breed offspring possess lighter and lighter color combination, this goes to the opposite direction, the invention of a darker version, even an extremely dark gecko.

Starting from its hatched egg, the baby gecko emerged in an entirely black color with no pattern. This hyper-melanistic color gives a deep and mystifying beauty that has not ever been seen before. It’s really an exclusive breed at this moment.

The vast majority of the Black Pearl babies are born extremely black and during their maturation they become a bit lighter in color that may be mistaken for a Mack Snow but with a difference of its blurry dark gray color pattern.

Another complete melanistic breed is the Midnight Blizzard and was the only full melanistic morph previously. Its melanine pigments appear as a brownish skin instead of black color that’s unlike the Black Pearl with its extreme black color.

Since the coming of the Black Pearl some years before, many breeders tried to hatch dark melanistic geckos but failed to arrive at satisfactorily results. The reason of failure might be the lack of a gene that may create such full dark melanistic pigments which should unquestionably be the trait of a genuine black leopard gecko. In such successful distinctive breeding cases, wisdom and experience plays an essential function.

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