Latest Technology Press Infant Mortality Rate

Indonesia ranks fifth as the country with the highest number of premature babies in the world and preterm birth is identified as the largest contributor to infant mortality. Based on data from BPS 2016, infant mortality (IMR) reached 25 deaths per 1,000 babies born. This is the concern of various parties because the IMR becomes […]

A Fools Handbook to Woman Fertile

A Secret Weapon for Woman Fertile Ovulation can happen at various times during a cycle, and could occur on another day monthly.” It is a normal part of female physiology. Many couples using the rhythm method to stop pregnancy end up pregnant since it’s not possible to predict every time a woman will release an […]


I recently heard about a mom who had been pregnant with twin baby girls. Throughout her pregnancy she slowly experienced issues with her vision, which slowly degenerated to the point at which she could only see a couple of yards in front of her. This vision degeneration reached its peak with the mom realizing that […]

RLB X-Large Multi-Purpose Travel Diaper Backpack

A good diaper bag should fulfill all your needs while you are wearing it. It must have excellent features that can be relied upon. Insulated pocket is one of the features that can help you in maintaining the temperature of the food or drink that is stored in it. Here are some tips for you […]