Choosing Types, Models and Styles of Men’s Mountain Bikes

Nowadays, with the burgeoning bicycle as alternative transportation, lifestyle, and hobbies, making a lot of bike manufacturers spend a lot of models, colors, and styles. For those the already know or at least familiar with both types of mountain bike, mountain bike course, diversity is good news. but on the contrary, for those who have not, or even knows absolutely nothing about mountain bikes, of course, diversity of forms and styles of mountain bikes actually increase the level of confusion.

Mountain bike is divided into several sections that are tailored to the circumstances are not always the same field. Of field conditions are mild, moderate, semi-heavy, heavy up to very heavy has the different specifications and have the function of each. To get the right mountain bike for men, there are several things to consider, such as:

– The purpose of buying a mountain bike. How often you use it every day, will also affect the type of bike you choose. So if you are going on long treks, then you will need an additional shock absorbers, and seats the quite comfortable. You want to choose one that fits you properly, and lets you sit in a nearly upright position, putting less pressure on your back.

– If you aim to fill the holiday with the bike to the steep and rocky, you will need a bike with heavy-duty frame, extra suspension, and tires are made for rough terrain. These tires have lots of protrusions on their surfaces to handle whatever they are in, and extra thick, even in some cases a solid to withstand walking on branches, thorns and other obstacles. You also will need extra care and equipment, such as: heavy duty brakes, gears, and wheels that can withstand much abuse. There are wheels that are available the not made ​​with conventional fingers, but a more solid design, with thick support that can handle the jump without bending or breaking landing.
The following are some examples of well-known type of mountain bike, that you can probably make reference, including style and function:

1 – Downhill. This bike to conquer derivative works quickly, safely and comfortably. Weighing between 15-20 kg and exceptional braking system to the identity of this mountain bike.

2 – Dirt Jump / Urban Bike. Bike of this type often used in the middle of town, make the leap attractions, and cornering at high speed. Design firm, as well as tire space large enough to use those extra wide tires and big, and weigh between 13-18 kg is the hallmark of this bike.

3 – Freeride. On the design, there is no much difference between freeride mountain bikes in general. It’s just that, some of its components is made more robust and characterized freestyle bike. Like for example, the front suspension that more robust and minimally furnished double crown suspension (rod holder stanchion).

4 – All Mountain / Trailbike are mountain bikes that are famous in the market. Mountain bike all-mountain type designed to be able to traverse the rocky terrain, land of mountains and rocks off comfortably at relatively high speed compared to a cross-country bike type, even able to make the leap (drop off) up to 2 meters. This bike weight about 11-15 kg.

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