Demand Legality, Thousands of Online Driver Kepung Gedung Sate

Thousands of drivers (drivers) online transport staged a peaceful action in front of Gedung Sate, Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung, Monday (16/10/2017). They urged the government to immediately legalize their livelihood.

Field Coordinator of Online Driver’s Association One West Java Command (Teabar Post) Tezar Dwi Aryanto urged the government to immediately provide legal certainty to the existence of online transport, so he and his fellow drivers online can earn sustenance safely and comfortably.

“We demand the government to immediately legalize our existence,” Tezar said on the sidelines of a peaceful rally.

According to Tezar, the legality is very important. Because, during this time the online drivers often receive intimacy from parties who feel unrivaled by the presence of online transport. “We want clarity, so there should be no intimidation below,” he said.

It also hopes the presence of online transport can co-exist with conventional transportation, so that they can both seek sustenance safely and comfortably.

“The important thing is, there should be no intimidation between conventional and online,” he said as he hoped his demands will be realized in order to create a conducive atmosphere in the field.

In the same place, the Chairman of the Online Driver Association Bandung (ADOB) Dedi Hermawan also demanded the government immediately issued a regulation governing the existence of online transport.

“Immediately publish the rules of online transport so that there is no friction in the field,” said Dedi while pointing to the absence of regulation as the cause of friction between the drivers and conventional drivers online.

Through the peaceful action, it also hopes the security forces crack down on any actor intimidation or violence related to the chaos that occurred between the driver and the driver of this conventional. “The act of intimidating people in the field,” he said.

Representative of Bandung Raya Driver Association (HDBR) Iwan Darsono revealed, the online drivers in Bandung Raya deliberately stopped operating to follow this peaceful action.

“It’s okay (loss for not operating), which is important we want the government to acknowledge us, we are also the nation’s children,” he said.

Iwan added that his agency considered the appeal of the Department of Transportation (Dishub) of West Java that asked the drivers online does not operate for a while until the regulations related to online transport from the government issued unfair. “Because we also have a wife to live,” he said.

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