Dior Homme And M M Scenes In The Desert

Dior Homme And M M Scenes In The Desert

The design-art-fashion collaborations are always suspicious of pretext. So it’s always nice to give evidence to the contrary. For example, until May 15 they are on display in the spaces of Plusdesign gallery of Via Ventura 6 in Milan the sets that M M studio prepares for the Dior Homme boutiques and catalogs. Michael Amzalag and Mathias Augustyniak, the two known artistic directors for the realization of video clips and covers of Madonna album or Björk, led four installations used in the past for Dior Homme as the yellow rectangular buildings, red and blue that recalled the reasons of the spring 2014, the black and white lamp used for fall 2014, high stools on which rested the models for spring 2015, and design structures that reminded squares and lines of autumn 2015, a proposal three dimensions which brings together the elements created for each of the collaborations with Maison, creating a new universe and incredibly alienating.

Their work brings a new dimension to my point of view, reinforcing the overall identity of Dior Homme says Kris Van Assche, the creative director of Dior Homme. And to see the installations you understand why.

In those years in Paris, still the world’s fashion capital, the institutional expressions composed by the great couturiers and fashion shows of the pavilions of the Cour Carree du Louvre, talking still a very conservative language http://kacamatapedia.com, despite having experienced the space of fashion adventures of Years 60 and 70 with Paco Rabanne and Courreges, however, experienced as passengers styles. There was a part of fashion by the powerful media that had even nailed the shapes of the dresses to the more traditional techniques and immovable tailoring atelier and so glorious names like Emanuel Ungaro, Jean Louis Scherrer, Loris Azzaro, Torrente Couture continued to make their a ham sleeves and their volumetric draping the dominant sign of European fashion.

At the same time, Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld, along two very different roads, continued to innovate, even though their names were part of the establishment and their style was considered a classic. But they were still two beacons of innovation somewhat ‘isolated still at the beginning of the 80’s when a group of young talents set in motion their own start-up, as we would say today with a language that then he would laugh because they were years in which sought the more meanings that simplifying it slogan. Among the bravest, Thierry Mugler, Claude Montana, Jean Paul Gaultier and a few others, like the outsider always Azzedine Alaïa, pushed fashion to a modern vision, those examining street style as Gaultier, those looking for a new way of glamor as Mugler and Montana.

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