Elements of the Chinese Zodiac – Relationships

Well, there is plenty to find out, but actually, the Chinese Zodiac is somewhat easier than the Western Zodiac. The Chinese Astrology Signs are predicated on quite a few things. The first two things that the Chinese Zodiac revolves round would be Zodiac Animals and the Components. Both of which can be rather simple to remember. Do not leave yet, however! Let us dig in and find out a little bit about the components before we handle the 12 Zodiac Animals.

Elements of the Chinese Zodiac - Relationships

Fantastic questions! I have wondered that myself. To further complicate matters, each component is attached to one of those planets in the solar system. If you are wondering “where’s Air?” , he makes his look over from the Western Zodiac. Water, Fire, and Earth look in both Eastern and Western astrology. They need to have great talent agents.

Fire – Mars

Wood – Jupiter

Water – Mercury

Earth – Saturn

Metal – Venus

Now, do not bother mentioning that there’s not any timber on Jupiter or metal on Venus. Not one of these questions can allow you to understand Chinese Astrology any better and will probably only annoy most astrologers, that are a somewhat severe and unfunny bunch generally. chinesehoroscopezodiac.com

The components have ordered relationships with one another – each component has a “harmful” pairing, a “valuable” pairing, and also a “hostile” pairing. This indicates is that individuals who have been born in that elemetal year will respond to individuals born under distinct elements in some, predictable manners. Normally the pairings are easy logic:


Water generates Wood

Wood creates Fire

Fire generates Earth

Earth creates Metal

Metal creates Water

I should not need to mention that by now, but do not ask why Metal generates Water, since you won’t have a response you’re going to be content with. Just take it.

The harmful relationships, what pleasure!


Fire melts Metal

Metal cuts Wood

Wood breaks Earth

Earth absorbs Water

Ah, these create a little more sense! So damaging pairings result in challenging relationships. As an instance, although Rooster and Snake create a fantastic romantic bunch, there might be friction between them when the pairing is a Fire Rooster using a Metal Snake, or even a Earth Snake using a Water Rooster. You simply can not take them out everywhere with anything flammable. Forget it!

These are those nobody enjoys, but I will list them anyway.


Water hates Fire

Fire hates Metal

Metal hates Wood

Wood hates Earth

Earth hates Water

Yet more, these look fairly logical. I was born at a metallic year, and I am not overly fond of Wood. Except bamboo, that can be pretty easy.

Every Chinese Zodiac Animal additionally takes on features of their component, which affects their behavior.

Additionally, there are dozens of other features related to every component like management, colours, seasons, body parts, as well as preferences. To get a simple outline of somebody’s character, however, all you must understand is their birth that provides you their component and zodiac animal, although I will be publishing a upcoming post on Zodiac Animals too.

The Zodiac Animals signify a predetermined interval in time. The components, however, assign distinct characteristics to every creature. Your location is that the cycle is known as an “aspect”.

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