Good Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Nowadays, it is de rigueur to get short haircuts. But how did women got from long hair to short hair? Well, history says that during the World War I, when women did not have the time and patience to use curling irons and straightening tool to prim up, the decided to chop off their hair. This was considered an act of rebellion, freedom and defiance. What started off as an act of boldness transformed into an act of fashion? Now if you switch on the television, you will see several celebrities and artists supporting short hairstyles for fine hair making it a fashion statement.

Different short hairstyle for fine hair

It is a misconception amongs several that when it comes down to short hairstyles, you have a lot of restrictions places on yourself and the choice gets narrowed down, limiting you. Well, believe me it is not so. One of the most famous short hairstyles for fine hair that you get to witness is the bob hairstyle. Bob hairstyle has your hair swinging around your face emphasizing your amazing bone structure, making your facial features the center of attention. Even in bob, there are several other short hairstyles for fine hair that you can try out.

There is an A line bob cut which is longer is front and shorter at the back. When viewed from the side, you will see a gradual decrease in the length as the hair travels to the back of the skull. Another one is the long bob with side swept bangs. In it you front hair is cut into bangs and are styled to the side of your head, whereas the rest of your hair is cut into a bob style, the length being a little longer than your chin. However, if you want this one to work for you, you might want to have a fantastic flatiron handy to keep them styles all the time. Other bobs involve round bobs, flat bob with front bangs, pixie cuts, and short hairstyle over the hair and so on.

Are short hairstyles for fine hair need for you ?

A lot of women are unsure if short hairstyle really their game. It is so because unlike clothes, haircut is something that once you have got it you can’t really change it.  So what is the guarantee that if you go short hairstyle for fine hair, you will be able to pull it off? For starters, figure out your face cut. Bobs look great on oval faces and long faces, even round faces. You just have to determine the length of your short hairstyle in order to make it look good. For instance people with round faces might not want to chop off a great length of hair else it will give them an unpleasing look. A little below the chin would look amazing on them.  Then consider other features like your shoulder, cheekbones, chin and neck. If you are carrying a bit of weight around, then you might want to opt for longer bobs. Pixie cuts suit women who fall under the category of petite. Women with long faces and angular features can pull of the skull hugging hairstyle. Women with little chubby features might want to think again. If you have curly hairs then think again. Curly hair when cut too short has the tendency to blow up making you look messy and resulting in a bad hair day. You would need to tame them on daily basis which gets tiresome at some point. So next time you go to a hair salon with curly hair, you might want to discuss your choice of hairstyle with your stylist once more.


Short hairstyles for fine hair is the raging trend nowadays. If you get great hair and you are growing them to great lengths, then you might want to think again. Long lengths tend to weigh down your hair and make them look dead and flat. Try getting short hairstyle for fine hair and check out the amazing transformation. It’s a guarantee that you would definitely stand out in the crowd; in a positive way!

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