Kakegurui: The Gambling-themed Anime with Crazy Characters on it

This anime is one that creates conventional reviewing hard as your enjoyment of your favorite series will very likely determine on very subjective matters. For if I was to put this under analysis on matters of f-plot, setting and characters then it can be lacking in many categories. The story is just watching the main character Yumeko face the student council members in a number of gambling games.

The setting is utterly ridiculous with some sort of unnecessary school setting which nonsense whatever considering what goes on in the series. The cast offers people whose the personality is being crazy in several form or another and go excessive with facial expressions. Yes, to ascertain this anime on these qualities might have it fall low indeed but that’s not what makes a series enjoyable. In my opinion that style over substance is what I am getting at here as Kakegurui works mainly because of it’s presentation.


While gambling could be the main focus of this show, the games themselves don’t really are much as we never really get time to look inside Yumeko’s plan and see her work out countermeasures. For those who have just finished Kaiji and enter Kakegurui expecting something similar then you will find yourself disappointed.

For the common part here is to see the way smug the opponent is in how they rigged the game and having Yumeko ultimately unveil that she is aware of it and is able to win.

Thereby the pleasure is in viewing the over high fashion at which this all falls off. The animation, art, and music are frequently as excessive as they can along with the soundtrack having trumpets and jazz like music while the characters confronts perspective into disgusting contortions be it in victory or defeat. Every single character is mad and insane and none are crazier as compared to our lead who often elapses into lustful thrills over the concept of risk.

This element can get unquestionably an excessive amount as it’s used to push fan-service as characters simply gamble-gasm, several anime review blog call that way, and you can find several times where in female characters are generally visually seducing each other in what would in any other case a normal conversation. Yuri under-stones tend to be very clear here quite coldly despite none of the character being clarified to be yaoi nor fascinating in anything apart from gambling and their own objectives.

Consequently this can be an anime that I can’t truly provide value through words, on the other hand I claim if you express interest then check out the first few episode as behaves as an example of what you will get for the whole series. Then again, I would tell you to not hope something greater than that as Kakegurui is only great at one thing and it won’t move far from that one thing.

This can be an anime series about a insane gambling girl showing smug their place. That’s all you may get. But if you’re okay with that then this can be the anime for you. For me personally while I watched it at the start, I begun to grown sick and tired with it in the final episodes of the anime run so my score for it is that it’s a good distraction but not on I will bring back to.

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