Nordstrom Tips and Guides for Women’s Plus Size Clothing

For more than 100 years, Nordstrom has been a leading fashion specialty retailer that has worked hard for delivering the best possible shopping experiences beyond expectations. Its commitment is to help customers possess style, or not merely buy fashions. This company offers compelling clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and children. Moreover, they also provide buyer guides as well, women’s plus size clothing tips, for example.

You may use these tips of women’s plus size clothing to identify your body shape and discover the most complimenting fit.

Straight Body Shape

If you have this body shape, you’ll have little definition between bust, waist and hip measurements. Start by defining your waist when you wish for curvier figure illusion. For example, a dress or top with an Empire seam or a wide inset waist naturally will create complimenting figure for women’s plus size clothing.

Pear Body Shape

This type of body shape has fuller feature at hips and bottoms, and smaller on top. Dark color women’s plus size clothing can be the quickest way to minimize hips and thighs. For your choice, a wider, straight-leg cut pair of dark trousers is the best.

Hourglass Body Shape

This is a curvaceous with a full bust, defined waist and full hips. You can embrace your curves with women’s plus size clothing in classic wrapped dresses, tops and sweaters.

Apple Body Shape

For this body shape, weight is carried around middle without a well-defined waist. Flatter your shape with some of women’s plus size clothing choices like Empire waists, swing and trapeze-shaped jackets, and A-line shift dresses.

Full Bust Body Shape

Bust measurement is fuller than hips and bottom for this body shape. You may make the most of your curves and keep you in balance look by choosing the right women’s plus size clothing of somewhat lowered neckline and a bit more definition at or below the waist.

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