Causes of Tonsilitis in Children


Tonsils are inflammation of the tonsils, the tonsils are the tissues that are on both sides of the back of the throat. This tonsil helps the immune system to protect against infections that may enter the body through the mouth. When the tonsils are infected, the tonsils become enlarged and red and there is a […]

10 Benefits of Eating Chocolate Regularly

Chocolate present as a universal food and can be used as a compound in many foods. Almost everyone loves chocolate because it tastes varied. children who of course became the largest in the frequency of eating chocolate, although many adults, even grandfathers and grandmothers still like to eat chocolate. But not a few who believe […]

How Mountain Biking Is Becoming Everyone's Favorite Sport

Cycling it is becoming a major concern in many places around the world. Apart because of the impact of global warming suggest that more individuals around the world to use non-conventional vehicles, including bicycles. And bicycles are increasingly recognized and available in various styles and functions, making it easier for the rider when riding. In […]

Nowadays, it is de rigueur to get short haircuts. But how did women got from long hair to short hair? Well, history says that during the World War I, when women did not have the time and patience to use curling irons and straightening tool to prim up, the decided to chop off their hair. […]