Parental control

Parental Control. From the name alone, would have been predictable to what, for whom, and what it is. Parental controls are the features may be included in digital television services, computer and video games, mobile phones and computer software. It is intended for a very good purpose, namely to monitor your child’s computing activities. The internet is wide world and it is not impossible that children can fall in it. One of which is to provide limits in accordance with the needs of children. Or it can be said that this is one way of guiding by using the internet. The parents also had to learn before setting the parental controls by using the Windows 7 which is a mainstay of almost every pc or laptop.

The following is a way to set up Parental Controls in Windows 7.
1 – After you log in to your own account, then you click your picture on the Start menu.
2 – When the User Account screen appears, click the link on the bottom left corner that says “Parental Controls”.
3 – Will the results of those clicks take you to a screen showing all the user accounts are available and gives you some options.
4 – Click on the account you’d like to change, which is User2 in your case.
5 – To select, select the above option to “On, enforce current settings”. There are three options below which will then become available. The first option, the time limit allows you to control when users can use the computer.

To set a time limit for the user, you already can block access for users of the last half eight at night until 9 in the morning. Click the OK button (not shown above) to get back to the Parental Control options.

Meanwhile, for setting the allowed ratings for the Games, you can block games that have not been assigned a value. Every game that has a higher category will be blocked. Besides, you can also select all six options at the bottom.

Another option you have as parents is to block or allow specific games. How:
– Click OK at the Games to return to the Parental Controls.
– When the visible list of programs, you may feel quite confused, unless you are an expert.
– When you are finished with this option, click the OK button to return to Parental Control option. Click OK on this screen and you’re done – your new account is ready for use.

To see if it works, click the Start button at the bottom left of your screen. From the Start menu, select Shut Down User. And you will then see the login screen of Windows 7. Your new user account must exist, along with one administrator. Click the user account to see it in action.

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