S.Korea: The North Breaks Arms Truce at the Defectorate Shot

The South Korean military said North Korea had violated a ceasefire agreement as it opened fire on its defected troops some time ago. South Korean Defense Minister Yong Young-moo, warned Pyongyang not to repeat similar abuses.

Defected North Koreans are identified by the surname Oh. He was badly injured with about six shots from his comrades. Luckily, he was rescued by South Korean soldiers and now restored his condition at a hospital in South Korea.

The Seoul minister’s warning was delivered during a visit to the border, where he praised the South Korean army in the Joint Security Area (JSA), at Camp Truce, for the rescue of Pyongyang’s defectors.

In the November 13 defection incident, a North Korean border guard soldiers briefly crossed the South Korean territory on the border in pursuit of defectors. The violation of the territory was also confirmed by an incident recorded video released by UN Command (UNC) in Seoul.

“Shooting in the direction of South Korea in people who defected, it violates the ceasefire agreement,” Song said, as quoted by Reuters on Monday (27/11/2017).

“Crossing the line of military demarcation, an offense. Bringing an automatic rifle (on the JSA), is another offense, “Song added as she stood near where she found Oh in a bloodstained condition.

“North Korea should be told that this sort of thing should never happen again,” Song added.

Since the defection, North Korea has reportedly replaced all border guards. In addition, Kim Jong-un regime officials also dug trenches and planted trees to prevent defections from recurring.

When Song speaks 10 meters away from a tree planted by a North Korean army, four Kim Jong-un regime soldiers are seen listening intently.

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