Software, Performance And Customization Asus Zenfone 2

Software, Performance And Customization Asus Zenfone 2

The ASUS Zenfone 2 owns Android 5.0 as the operating system while the interface is fully and heavily customized by ASUS and is called ZenUI. The latter has a number of really great customizations, so that every day, while using the device, it will be possible to find some new settings that will allow for a new customization of the interface. In any case, you will most likely have the opportunity to personalize at your own pleasure almost everything in a rather extreme way. For example, you can change the main themes (resulting in icon changes), home screen, unlock screen, and you can also enter a child mode and a simplified mode. But we must say that while this personalization is so extreme, ZenUI is absolutely reactive and fluid during its use. Sign that the optimization work by ASUS was really great.

A partial criticism that can be moved to ASUS concerns the fact that the standard smartphone features a truly unbelievable number of pre-installed applications harga iphone. For example, soon after the first start of the terminal, we will install third-party applications such as Clean Master and Dr Safety, plus a shortage of ASUS applications even from the real-life doubt it .

It is worth mentioning the presence of a double flash LED that is certainly much more powerful than the average of the smartphones of the moment and which among other things allows in some contexts to take pictures at far enough subjects (see the photo with the cat present among the samples) .

In conclusion we can only think of the camera as the most critical component present on this smartphone Android. If we think that a 2013 top gamma device (see Samsung Galaxy S4 or LG G2) still has the chance to take pictures definitely better then we can only be disappointed by this parameter. On the other hand, a top range of 2013, although in some cases being much lower in other technical features and features, currently also has a price even lower than that of Zenfone 2. At this point we only hope that ASUS can fix this flaw Since most likely they are software-related defects and therefore potentially solvable. So if you are selfie lovers and photo shoots that have the sole purpose of being shared on the Social Network, this ASUS Zenfone 2 can still do for you.

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