Tip: Choose a Light and Sophisticated Gadgets

For lovers of technology, a vacation without gadgets might like to eat vegetables without salt. However, side effects, goods carried will be more and more and burden You while traveling.

Then how is that hugecompare.com you can still travel with the necessary gadgets but not become sore from all the burden? The following practical tips that can be followed.

1. choose a comfortable backpack.

Not everyone is willing to spend a lot of money for a high-quality bag to load gadget. When the bag is a convenient and high-quality was a wise investment.

For those who have a solid holiday activities schedule and require You to switch to a lot of places, a comfortable backpack is the best choice. Select bag with padded back and straps for the chest or stomach/and so that the load can be distributed to the whole body well so that your back is not too overburdened and potential injury.

From experience, choose a backpack with lots of compartments so you can organize all of your gadgets carried with ease.

There are several options to choose from, size corresponds to the size of a laptop and a bunch of stuff that was brought. Padded cushioning with many varied compartments make arrangements easier.

For those who want to carry a backpack bag, make sure the drones being used already has a special compartment for drones. In addition, there is also a compartment for storing a laptop and a digital camera.

2. bring a smaller second bag

If it brings a lot of gadgets but doesn’t want to carry all these gadgets while on vacation destinations, you can also bring a smaller Sling bag. This particular gadget bag is also perfect for those of you who don’t want to carry a lot of gadgets such as a pocket camera or mirrorless, mobile phones, too small drones such as Mavic Pro or DJI DJI Spark.

In addition to convenience, do not forget to think of the safety factor gadget. Select a bearing with thick enough so that the gadget will remain protected while bump or fall to the ground.

One of the advantages of a sling or sling bag it is easy to access to the camera compartment without having to take off the bag. In addition, there is usually a compartment for storing small objects such as a cell phone, a wallet, even a small tripod. It’s good you also choose rope stabilization to the streets longer.

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Besides having the coolest design, a good shoulder bags typically have a strap with shoulder pads so that it does not hurt if the carry bag for a long time. Check access to the contents of a bag that matches your desires. Open the mechanism cover bag with a pretty elaborate set (such as buckle) are more secure, but it will be a hassle if you want to pick up a camera or other items from the inside of the bag quickly.

3. bring the laptop 2-in-1 or convertible.

Bringing a laptop while on vacation is not identical to take care of the job, but also as a means of supporting creativity. We recommend to choose laptop 2-in-1 light but with the performance of the firm.

A laptop with a stylus like HP Spectre x 360 2017 for example, can be used to draw during the holidays. Their performance is also quite fast to manipulate the results of the recorded video during the holidays while waiting for the plane to return home. But most importantly, does it weigh under 1, 5 kg including lightweight so as not to overload the while carried along.


4. use a mirrorless camera or camera Pocket prosumer.

For those of you who wish to use digital cameras to capture the moment of mirrorless cameras, select vacation or pocket camera prosumer relatively lighter. If you select the mirrorless, consider whether you can simply bring a lens or two lenses. As for the pick pocket camera prosumer range, make sure that lensanya is already adequate for your needs.

As for who likes to take the swan foto aka selfie, select the camera with a screen that swivels 180 degrees. Another consideration is the waterproof cameras that can be used under water. If the sea, make sure the camera can also be used at sea with or without additional accessories.

Recommended cameras above has a size small and relatively light weight so as not to overload the while carried along. Although small, the results of the photo remain primed and are better if compare to camera phones.

Prosumer class pocket camera combining a good image quality with its compact size. Does it weigh too lightly so as not to feel the time stored in the bag?

No need to worry when wanted to play the water in the sea or in the pool. With a choice of the camera above, you can still take pictures and record video under water though.

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