Tricks to Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier On SUV

cargo rackAre you going to install hitch mounted cargo carrier on an SUV? Congratulation! You just find a challenging project to execute. SUV is a big vehicle that requires slightly different technique than the other types of cars. You are going to need another pair of hands and tricks under your sleeves.

  1. Lift The Car

Even though SUV bumper has slightly bigger distance from the floor than standard cars, you still need to lift the rear part of the car. This way, you will be able to see the hitch holes.

  1. Use The Trailer As A Platform

You will drill some holes on the metal platform of your bumper. To make things easier, put the trailer on its place and turn on the drill. Make sure you drill from the inside. Repeat the process from the other side.

  1. Tighten The Screws Again

After you tighten the screws in the newly drilled holes, don’t forget to do the same to the other screws. Otherwise, they will be slightly loose.

  1. Double The Layer On The Wire

If you plan to install the wiring system also, don’t forget to read the instruction to find which cables should be paired. After that, secure the extension with an electric tape. Apply double layer so the wire will have no room for slipping water.

  1. Stick The Wires Together

There are at least four different wires for the lighting. Join them into one big cable with a tape. Do it for the extension and the original cable. One big cable will prevent any damage on each cable caused by scratched.

Its big built makes an outstanding visual among the cars type. The way you install additional cargo carrier is also different. Even if the points are just slightly different, you better pay attention. No one wants their hitch mounted cargo carrier to install the wrong way, especially the big car owners. Happy trying!

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