Veneno, Lamborghini’s Most Expensive Car Price Approximately $ 3 M

The most expensive Lamborghini car, certainly make people curious because this Italian-made car has been known for a long time as a car that offers an expensive price. Most people who have it are the world’s celebrities who have a big income because it takes money is not small when you want to buy it. Perhaps, if you are rich, you also think twice about buying a car for billions. If you are still curious about the most expensive Lamborghini car, consider the following information.

The most expensive Lamborghini car is said to be carried by the Lamborghini car which was issued on the anniversary of this fifty-year-old Italian manufacturer. The latest Lamborghini car is staying digadang become the most expensive car ever issued by the Italian car manufacturer. The car named Veneno is also included in the list of luxury cars and the most expensive in the world. Approximately what kind of luxury veneno Lamborghini this until the price is very exorbitant.The most expensive car lamborghini veneno

When viewed from the design of the Veneno interior is called the most expensive Lamborghini car, it is appropriate if the Italian-made products are said to be the most expensive because all that equip in the car is able to make the driver feel comfortable, ranging from spacious cabin and advanced featurespun pinned on the latest Lamborghini . Almost all car interiors are made of quality plastic materials so when you drive a car, the car will feel very light. Also read about lamborghini:

In addition, you can also drive this most expensive car Lamborghini with a speed like racers, about 354 km / hour. Speed of the super fast car that you can travel in just 3 seconds. Can suddenly become a racer is not it? Despite the speed of a fast car, but you will feel like driving it with ordinary speed. Unfortunately, italian manufacturers only produce this expensive car as much as 9 units only so limited edition indeed. Lamborghini veneno car price is about $ 1.5 m if you buy in the country. However, when the car was brought to Indonesia could reach $ 3 m because of the large taxes as well.

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