Windows smartphone from Nokia

Stephen Elop Chief Executive Nokia confirms that Nokia will launch the first smartphone using Microsoft’s Windows platform later this year, even as he unveiled a new all-N9-screen smartphone, which uses a platform called MeeGo. It was delivered on telecommunications conference in Singapore.

On the model, this gadget can be navigated by a single finger swipe, and comes in black, magenta and cyan colors in the design of polycarbonate. N9 also introduces an interesting experience around the user interface, industrial design and developer platform in one package.

“Our main smartphone strategy is to focus on the Windows mobile phone,” said Elop, who moved to Nokia from Microsoft last year. So that the phone had never met before, there will be perfectly at N9 smartphone.

Platform MeeGo – a newcomer in a market dominated by Google Inc. and Apple Inc. – was born in February 2010 when Nokia and Intel unveiled the Nokia Linux Maemo platform combining software with Intel’s Moblin, which is also based on Linux open source software. It is felt will be needed in the future and will be known as smartphones are futuristic.

This was confirmed by the statement of a research analyst firm IDC, which said Melissa Chau N9 will probably be a prototype to show what Nokia can bring the phone of the future.
Launch windows mobile phone is also a strategy that Nokia should face the harsh reality that more than half since February, the value of Nokia on the market dropped more than half. This is the impact of competition gadgets, especially mobile phones, to be able to last longer in a healthy manner in the gadget world. Nokia’s market share has fallen in key markets. In China, for instance, has shrunk 19 percent from 33 percent two years ago, research firm Gartner estimates.

IDC said Elop Chau presentation on Tuesday gave few clues about the future strategy Nokia to get back on track. Which is one of the most preferred in the world. It was.

“It will take a lot of cooperation between Microsoft and Nokia to do it and deal with this kind of business we have only 50-50 percent (chance) to begin with.”

In addition, Nokia will also increase the number of smartphones that will launch up to 10 pieces! This stage also continued to restore the view of the world community on the image of Nokia.

In a research note this month, Nomura said Samsung Electronics will become the world’s largest smartphone maker this quarter and Apple will take the number two spot next quarter, pushing Nokia for third place. So it is becoming increasingly easy for Nokia to be in that position quickly. Hard work and effort is much greater needed for Nokia.

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